growing up

West End Baptist Church - Petersburg Virginia

Consequently, when I went away to Longwood College (University) in Farmville, Virginia, I became "the rebellious daughter". As my parents drove away from dropping me off at college, out loud, I said, "Good, I am going to do what I want to do now, and I'll go to church when I want to go to church."

In time, I allowed my college classes of philosophy and psychology and liberal professors to pick apart my Christian upbringing. Little by little I slipped away from praying and reading my Bible. This opened the door to Satan for him to steal from me, destroy my life and eventually try to kill me.

The summer of my junior year I became involved in homosexuality. About ten years later I found myself contemplating suicide.

I grew up in this Southern Baptist Church. My deacon dad, Sunday school teacher mom, older brother and I attended three times a week. I could recite all of the books of the Bible and had my perfect attendance pins.

I knew a lot about about Jesus Christ, but I did not really know Him. I had not been taught I could have a relationship with Him daily.