As I continued my stroll beside The Hague, I realized how tired I was. The weight of sin on my shoulders felt like it was bending me over double. Out loud I said:  "I"m tired, so tired."

" One day as I was walked alone in the Ghent section of Norfolk, Virginia, demon voices began telling me I should commit suicide.They listed all of the reasons I should end my life.

In the other ear a voice reminded me I could not do that to my Mom and Dad. Even though I was living a rebellious life and we weren't very close any more, I still loved my parents and could not leave them to deal with my suicide.

At that moment I realized what was missing in my life: it was the Lord Jesus Christ !

the testimony

That screen turned into a flip chart. Before my eyes I saw pages of different scenes of my life, starting with that present moment going backwards ten years.

As I watched the scenes from my life I could easily recall each incident of sinful behavior. When the scene from the day my parents dropped me off at college came into view, the chart stopped.

What happened next was beyond human explanation

I looked up into the sky

and a giant movie

screen appeared.