Testimony part 2

I don't know how He did it, but He pointed directly at me and said, "I want all of the keys to your life, but you want to keep two of them."

In my mind, I knew what He meant. I wanted to keep my women and my marijuana. Yet, I desperately wanted Jesus running my life. Yet, I did not know if I could quit smoking pot or give up being a lesbian.

When we stood to sing the invitational hymn, Jesus had vanished and the pastor was inviting people to come forward. Thoughts came to me of returning that night and "working my way back to the Lord" when all of a sudden the voice of Almighty God thundered, "You've put me off ten years, You won't put me off any longer!"

I do not know whether I walked or ran to the front of the church, but as I stretched out my hand to the pastor, I saw tears running down his face also.

"Pastor, do you remember me?" I asked. "Oh, do I remember you, Linda," he responded. "You were so much a part of the church."

I replied: "I've been away from God a long time, but today I'm coming home." (You see the pastor was the pastor I had had as a teenager. God had orchestrated my path to be at that church on that day with that preacher preaching that message.)

By acknowledging my sin, asking for forgiveness and returning to the Lord, I began the journey of becoming a new creature. Old things passed away, and He has been remaking me and preparing me to be with Him forever.

I took a seat in the middle of the middle section of the pews.

 Voices began whispering in my ears, "you better leave, everyone is watching you."

As I looked around, it seemed as if every face had a smile. I wondered how people could really be this happy. I had been in the company of lost souls for so long that I had forgotten that joy actually existed.

When we stood to sing the first hymn, tears began to stream down my face like I had never experienced in my life. Voices shouted over and over in my ears,

"You better leave everyone is watching you. You better leave, everyone is watching you."

Even though I could not stop crying, I knew leaving was not an option. I struggled to regain my composure while my heart ached to be free.

On Sunday I attended a church meeting at Talbot Park Baptist  on Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia

When it came time for the sermon the pastor announced its title, Making God the Authority of Your Life. When he started to preach, a supernatural happening occurred. He miraculously disappeared, and I saw Jesus standing in his place holding a keychain full of keys.